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Accession # 18155 
Family - UVUAPG III FamilyCronquist FamilyA Utah Flora
Species Verbesina encelioides (Cav.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex A. Gray
Common name   golden crownbeard
Steve Hegji   0312  
   with Robert Fitts
Coll. Date 22 August 2014 
United States
Garfield County
Locality Johns Valley Rd;
     Elev.: 7531 ft. (2296 m.)
Habitat Notes E facing slope along roadside. 
Latitude Longitude 37° 48'  25.96" N, 112° 1'  11.29" W
Datum WGS84 
Uncertainty Polygon diameter (with coordinate as origin): GPS
Georef. Notes This coordinate was obtained by a GPS unit and an error estimate was not recorded by the user. However due to the accuracy of most units, a polygon diameter between 25 and 250 meters could reasonably be assumed.


Synonyms recognized by ITIS (bold taxon is currently accepted):

     Verbesina encelioides (Cav.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Gray

Common Name(s): golden crownbeard.

Taxonomic Hierarchy: (ITIS TSN=38601, click for more information and references)

        Kingdom: Plantae
            Subkingdom: Tracheobionta
                Division: Magnoliophyta
                    Class: Magnoliopsida
                        Subclass: Asteridae
                            Order: Asterales
                                Family: Asteraceae
                                    Genus: Verbesina
                                        Species: Verbesina encelioides


Images of other samples of the same species:
specimen image: 06240s1.jpg 
specimen image: 11954s2.jpg 

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Nearby locations from the USGS Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) database:

Name County Dist., dir. Elevation (ft.) 7.5' Quad Name
Mud Spring Draw (Valley) Garfield County, UT 2127 ft. SE   Sweetwater Creek 
Widtsoe Cemetery (Cemetery) Garfield County, UT 1.3 mi. NE 7582  Flake Mountain East 
Widtsoe Junction (Populated Place) Garfield County, UT 1.9 mi. NE 7573  Flake Mountain East 
Widtsoe (Populated Place) Garfield County, UT 2.2 mi. NE 7612  Sweetwater Creek 
Cameron Wash Reservoir Number 1 (Reservoir) Garfield County, UT 2.8 mi. S 7648  Flake Mountain East 
Escalante Canyon (Valley) Garfield County, UT 2.5 mi. NE   Sweetwater Creek 
Hunt Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 2.6 mi. NW   Flake Mountain East 
Dry Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 2.8 mi. SE   Sweetwater Creek 
Cameron Wash (Valley) Garfield County, UT 2.7 mi. SW   Pine Lake 
Clay Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 3.6 mi. N   Pine Lake 
South Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 3.8 mi. N   Sweetwater Creek 
Dipping Vat Spring (Spring) Garfield County, UT 4.1 mi. S 7783  Flake Mountain East 
Flake Swale (Valley) Garfield County, UT 3.5 mi. SW   Flake Mountain West 
Reynolds Spring Reservoir (Reservoir) Garfield County, UT 4.1 mi. N 7356  Flake Mountain East 
Dry Hollow (Valley) Garfield County, UT 4.4 mi. NE   Sweetwater Creek 
Tom Best Spring (Spring) Garfield County, UT 4.2 mi. W 7523  Flake Mountain East 
Prospect Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 5.3 mi. N   Flake Mountain East 
Sweetwater Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 5.3 mi. N   Sweetwater Creek 
Manning Hollow (Valley) Garfield County, UT 4.3 mi. E   Sweetwater Creek 
Lossee Canal (Canal) Garfield County, UT 5.9 mi. S 8189  Pine Lake 


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