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Accession # 12147 
Family - UVUAPG III FamilyCronquist FamilyA Utah Flora
Species Fritillaria atropurpurea Nutt.
Common name   leopard-lily
J.G. Harris   4186  
Coll. Date 23 May 2006 
United States
Elko County
Locality Pequop Mountains, ca 2.7 km due west-SW of Pequop Summit.
     Elev.: 6691 ft. (2040 m.)
Habitat Notes limestone slopes; pinyon-juniper community. 
Climate NCDC temperatures, daily high (red), daily average (green) and daily low (blue), from 1970 to 2000 at this location.   NCDC average monthly precipitation from 1970 to 2000 at this location.
Latitude Longitude 41° 3'  53" N, 114° 35'  53" W
Datum WGS84 
Uncertainty Polygon diameter (with coordinate as origin): GPS
Georef. Notes This coordinate was obtained by a GPS unit and an error estimate was not recorded by the user. However due to the accuracy of most units, a polygon diameter between 25 and 250 meters could reasonably be assumed.


Synonyms recognized by ITIS (bold taxon is currently accepted):

     Fritillaria atropurpurea Nutt.

     Fritillaria adamantina M.E. Peck
     Fritillaria gracillima Smiley

Common Name(s): leopard lily, spotted fritillary, spotted missionbells.

Taxonomic Hierarchy: (ITIS TSN=502669, click for more information and references)

        Kingdom: Plantae
            Subkingdom: Tracheobionta
                Division: Magnoliophyta
                    Class: Liliopsida
                        Subclass: Liliidae
                            Order: Liliales
                                Family: Liliaceae
                                    Genus: Fritillaria
                                        Species: Fritillaria atropurpurea


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Nearby Accessions

Other accessions in the database collected near this one:

Accession Name Dist., dir.
12136 Astragalus beckwithii  var. beckwithii   "Beckwith's milkvetch" 2656 ft. SW
12139 Boechera demissa  var. pendulina   "rabbit ear rockcress" 2656 ft. SW
12143 Boechera holboellii  var. secunda  2656 ft. SW
12129 Castilleja scabrida  var. barnebyana   "Barneby's paintbrush" 2656 ft. SW
12145 Chamaebatiaria millefolium      "fernbush" same section
16028 Cryptantha flavoculata      "rough-seeded cat's eye" 2813 ft. S
12132 Delphinium andersonii      "Anderson's larkspur" 2656 ft. SW
12138 Draba oligosperma      "few-seeded whitlow-cress" 2656 ft. SW
12126 Draba pedicellata  var. pedicellata   "Cherry Creek whitlow-cress" 2813 ft. S
12148 Draba pedicellata  var. pedicellata   "Cherry Creek whitlow-cress" same section
12134 Erysimum capitatum  var. capitatum   "sand dune wallflower" 2656 ft. SW
12137 Hackelia patens  var. patens   "spotted stickseed" 2656 ft. SW
12130 Ivesia setosa     2656 ft. SW
12146 Lithospermum ruderale      "western stoneseed" same section
12131 Mertensia oblongifolia      "western bluebells" 2656 ft. SW
12135 Microseris nutans      "nodding silverpuffs" 2656 ft. SW
12127 Penstemon humilis  var. humilis   "low beardtongue" 2813 ft. S
12144 Penstemon speciosus      "showy beardtongue" same section
12133 Perideridia bolanderi      "Bolander's yampah" 2656 ft. SW
12140 Poa fendleriana  subsp. longiligula   "muttongrass" 2656 ft. SW
12142 Senecio integerrimus      "lambstongue ragwort" 2656 ft. SW
12141 Senecio multilobatus      "lobeleaf groundsel" 2656 ft. SW
12128 Stenotus acaulis      "stemless goldenweed" 2813 ft. S


Nearby locations from the USGS Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) database:

Name County Dist., dir. Elevation (ft.) 7.5' Quad Name
South Fork Maverick Canyon (Valley) Elko County, NV 1291 ft. NW   Pequop Summit 
Summit Interchange (Crossing) Elko County, NV 1.7 mi. NE 6952  Pequop Summit 
Pequop Summit (Gap) Elko County, NV 1.8 mi. NE 7005  Pequop Summit 
Summit Spring (Spring) Elko County, NV 2.2 mi. NE 7116  Pequop Summit 
KYOU-FM (Wendover) (Tower) Elko County, NV 2.8 mi. NE 7507  Pequop Summit 
Pequop Maintenance Station (Locale) Elko County, NV 3.2 mi. E 6427  Pequop Summit 
Adele Spring (Spring) Elko County, NV 3.2 mi. E 6411  Pequop Summit 
Wally Spring (Spring) Elko County, NV 3.5 mi. NE 6890  Pequop Summit 
West Spring (Spring) Elko County, NV 4.2 mi. N 6929  Pequop 
Pierces Creek (Stream) Elko County, NV 3.2 mi. E   Pequop Summit 
Rocky Point (Summit) Elko County, NV 4.2 mi. N 8216  Pequop Summit 
Independence Well (Well) Elko County, NV 3.7 mi. SW 5742  Pequop Summit SW 
Milk House Spring (Spring) Elko County, NV 3.8 mi. E 6195  Pequop Summit 
Maverick Canyon (Valley) Elko County, NV 3.9 mi. W   Pequop Summit 
Pequop Interchange (Crossing) Elko County, NV 3.9 mi. E 6296  Pequop Summit 
North Fork East Squaw Creek (Stream) Elko County, NV 4.4 mi. NE   Pequop Summit 
North Fork Squaw Creek (Stream) Elko County, NV 4.4 mi. NE   Pequop Summit 
South Fork East Squaw Creek (Stream) Elko County, NV 4.5 mi. NE   Pequop Summit 
Ralphs Spring (Spring) Elko County, NV 5.9 mi. NW 6004  Holborn 


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