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Accession # 11583 
Family - UVUAPG III FamilyCronquist FamilyA Utah Flora
Species Dalea searlsiae (A. Gray) Barneby
Common name   Searls' prairie clover
Donna M. Barnes   5057  
Coll. Date 15 May 2006 
United States
Washington County
Locality Pine Valley Mountains, 2.9 miles W of the Browse Exit of I-15, [FR 037 (Browse Guard Station Road)];
     Elev.: 5363 ft. (1635 m.)
Habitat Notes pinyon-juniper-chaparral community; rocky soil. 
Climate NCDC temperatures, daily high (red), daily average (green) and daily low (blue), from 1970 to 2000 at this location.   NCDC average monthly precipitation from 1970 to 2000 at this location.
Latitude Longitude 37° 21'  8" N, 113° 19'  36" W
Datum Not recorded
Uncertainty Polygon diameter (with coordinate as origin): 30" (900 m.)


Synonyms recognized by ITIS (bold taxon is currently accepted):

     Dalea searlsiae (Gray) Barneby

     Petalostemon searlsiae Gray

Common Name(s): Searle's prairieclover, Searls dalea, Searls' prairie clover.

Taxonomic Hierarchy: (ITIS TSN=26647, click for more information and references)

        Kingdom: Plantae
            Subkingdom: Tracheobionta
                Division: Magnoliophyta
                    Class: Magnoliopsida
                        Subclass: Rosidae
                            Order: Fabales
                                Family: Fabaceae
                                    Genus: Dalea
                                        Species: Dalea searlsiae


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Nearby Accessions

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Accession Name Dist., dir.
11574 Abronia fragrans      "snowball sand verbena" 957 ft. SW
11582 Agropyron desertorum      "desert wheatgrass" 957 ft. SW
14204 Arctostaphylos pringlei      "Pringle manzanita" 28 ft. S
11571 Arctostaphylos pringlei      "Pringle manzanita" 2927 ft. S
03844 Artemisia campestris      "Pacific sagewort" 1.5 mi. NE
14208 Artemisia tridentata  var. vaseyana   "Vasey's big sagebrush" 28 ft. S
08269 Astragalus amphioxys  var. amphioxys   "crescent milkvetch" 1.1 mi. NE
14216 Brickellia californica      "California brickellbush" same section
08263 Castilleja chromosa      "common paintbrush" 1.1 mi. NE
14207 Ceanothus greggii  var. vestitus   "Mojave ceanothus" 28 ft. S
11576 Ceanothus greggii  var. vestitus   "Mojave ceanothus" 957 ft. SW
14215 Cercocarpus montanus      "alderleaf mountain mahogany" same section
10622 Chenopodium botrys      "Jerusalem oak goosefoot" same section
14212 Chrysothamnus scopulorum     same section
11578 Comandra umbellata  var. pallida  957 ft. SW
11577 Cryptantha confertiflora      "basin yellow cat's eye" 957 ft. SW
08273 Cryptantha gracilis      "narrow-stemmed forget-me-not" 717 ft. NE
08272 Cryptantha micrantha      "purple-rooted forget-me-not" 717 ft. NE
11562 Cryptantha micrantha      "purple-rooted forget-me-not" 1.4 mi. SW
11566 Cryptantha pterocarya  var. cycloptera   "winged-nut forget-me-not" 1.4 mi. SW
08271 Cryptantha pterocarya  var. pterocarya   "winged-nut forget-me-not" 717 ft. NE
08264 Cymopterus purpureus  var. purpureus   "purple spring parsley" 1.1 mi. NE
11560 Dimorphocarpa wislizeni      "Wislizen's spectacle pod" 1.4 mi. SW
14210 Ericameria linearifolia      "narrow-leaf goldenbush" 28 ft. S
11587 Erigeron eatonii  var. eatonii   "Eaton's fleabane" 957 ft. SW
11584 Erigeron pumilus  var. concinnus   "western shaggy fleabane" same section
11572 Erigeron utahensis  var. utahensis   "Utah fleabane" 957 ft. SW
11570 Eriodictyon angustifolium      "narrow-leaf yerba santa" 2927 ft. S
15276 Eriodictyon angustifolium      "narrow-leaf yerba santa" 1568 ft. SW
10912 Eriodictyon angustifolium      "narrow-leaf yerba santa" 1423 ft. SW
11567 Eriodictyon angustifolium      "narrow-leaf yerba santa" 1.4 mi. SW
14203 Eriodictyon angustifolium      "narrow-leaf yerba santa" 28 ft. S
14211 Eriogonum umbellatum  var. subaridum   "sulphur-flowered wild buckwheat" 28 ft. S
14214 Fraxinus anomala      "single-leaf ash" same section
15267 Fraxinus anomala      "single-leaf ash" 1.4 mi. NE
14219 Fraxinus velutina      "velvet ash" same section
10913 Garrya flavescens      "ashy silktassel" 1423 ft. SW
14206 Garrya flavescens      "ashy silktassel" 28 ft. S
08270 Gilia brecciarum  subsp. brecciarum   "Nevada gilia" 717 ft. NE
08265 Gilia ophthalmoides      "eyed gilia" 1.1 mi. NE
14209 Gutierrezia microcephala      "matchweed" 28 ft. S
11575 Hesperostipa comata  subsp. comata   "needle-and-thread grass" 957 ft. SW
11586 Heuchera parvifolia      "little-leaf alumroot" 957 ft. SW
11561 Hymenopappus filifolius  var. tomentosus   "hairy woollywhite" 1.4 mi. SW
08262 Lepidium densiflorum  var. densiflorum   "common peppercress" 1.1 mi. NE
11564 Linanthus dichotomus      "eveningsnow" 1.4 mi. SW
08266 Lomatium dissectum  var. eatonii   "carrotleaf biscuitroot" 1.1 mi. NE
08267 Lomatium nevadense  var. parishii   "Parish's biscuitroot" 1.1 mi. NE
11573 Lomatium parryi      "Parry's desert parsley" 957 ft. SW
11579 Lotus plebeius      "New Mexico bird's-foot trefoil" 957 ft. SW
08274 Microsteris gracilis  var. humilior   "slender phlox" 717 ft. NE
11588 Oenothera californica      "California evening primrose" 957 ft. SW
11581 Oenothera cespitosa  var. marginata   "tufted evening primrose" 957 ft. SW
11559 Oenothera deltoides  var. decumbens  1.4 mi. SW
11580 Orobanche fasciculata      "clustered broomrape" 957 ft. SW
11569 Penstemon eatonii  var. undosus  2927 ft. S
11585 Penstemon higginsii      "Higgins' beardtongue" same section
11563 Phacelia ivesiana      "Ives' scorpionweed" 1.4 mi. SW
14217 Phlox austromontana      "southern phlox" same section
11590 Phlox austromontana  var. austromontana   "southern phlox" 957 ft. SW
08261 Pinus monophylla      "single-leaf pinyon pine" 717 ft. NE
14213 Purshia tridentata      "antelope bitterbrush" same section
14205 Quercus turbinella      "Sonoran scrub oak" 28 ft. S
14218 Rubus leucodermis      "western raspberry" same section
11568 Rumex venosus      "veiny dock" 1.4 mi. SW
14220 Salix lasiolepis      "arroyo willow" same section
11589 Smilacina stellata      "starry false Solomon's Seal" 957 ft. SW
11565 Streptanthella longirostris      "long-beaked streptanthella" 1.4 mi. SW


Nearby locations from the USGS Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) database:

Name County Dist., dir. Elevation (ft.) 7.5' Quad Name
Harmon Creek (Stream) Washington County, UT 0.9 mi. N   Signal Peak 
Mill Creek (Stream) Washington County, UT 0.9 mi. N   New Harmony 
Beatty Hill (Summit) Washington County, UT 1.2 mi. S 4846  Pintura 
Chimney Hill (Summit) Washington County, UT 1.2 mi. W 6175  Pintura 
Deer Spring (Spring) Washington County, UT 1.6 mi. N 5850  Pintura 
Dry Lake (Lake) Washington County, UT 1.8 mi. N 5807  New Harmony 
Coal Hill (Summit) Washington County, UT 2.1 mi. N 6578  New Harmony 
Blake Harmon Trail (Trail) Washington County, UT 2 mi. W 6651  Pintura 
Coal Hill Ridge (Ridge) Washington County, UT 2.7 mi. N 6053  New Harmony 
Wet Sandy Trail (Trail) Washington County, UT 2.5 mi. SW 5588  Pintura 
Browse Area Guard Station (Locale) Washington County, UT 2.7 mi. N 6073  New Harmony 
Coal Hollow (Valley) Washington County, UT 2.7 mi. NE   New Harmony 
Dry Sandy Trail (Trail) Washington County, UT 3 mi. S 4009  Pintura 
Maple Hollow (Valley) Washington County, UT 2.8 mi. NE   New Harmony 
Peters Leap (Bend) Washington County, UT 2.9 mi. E 4731  Pintura 
Big Cove (Basin) Washington County, UT 3 mi. NW 6526  Pintura 
Pintura Cemetery (Cemetery) Washington County, UT 2.9 mi. E 4088  Pintura 
Pintura (Populated Place) Washington County, UT 3 mi. E 4078  Pintura 
South Ash Creek (Stream) Washington County, UT 3.3 mi. SE   Pintura 
Syler Spring (Spring) Washington County, UT 3.8 mi. N 7300  New Harmony 


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