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Accession # 03334 
Family - UVUAPG III FamilyCronquist FamilyA Utah Flora
Species Symphoricarpos oreophilus A. Gray
Infraspecific    var. utahensis (Rydb.) A. Nelson
Common name   Utah snowberry
J.G. Cooper   s.n.  
   with P.H.S. Botany Club
Coll. Date 20 May 1994 
United States
Garfield County
Locality Box-Death Hollow Wilderness area, up Pine Creek; Upper Box.
     Elev.: 7000 ft. (2134 m.)
Habitat Notes in the Upper Box. 
Climate NCDC temperatures, daily high (red), daily average (green) and daily low (blue), from 1970 to 2000 at this location.   NCDC average monthly precipitation from 1970 to 2000 at this location.
Latitude Longitude 37° 57'  6" N, 111° 39'  0.01" W
Township Range T33S, R2E, Sec. 11, 13, 14  
Datum Not recorded
Uncertainty Not calculated
TRS Notes Latitude and longitude were derived from township and range information and may be
inaccurate by as much as 0.7 miles (or 4.2 miles if the section is not given).
Voucher Voucher for Plant Diversity at Box-Death Hollow Wilderness Area, K. Harper, 2001 
Specimen Notes [Plant Diversity at Box-Death Hollow Wilderness Area, Garfield County, Utah, USDA Forest Service Proceedings RMRS-R-00, K. Harper, 2001]. 


Synonyms recognized by ITIS (bold taxon is currently accepted):

     Symphoricarpos oreophilus var. utahensis (Rydb.) A. Nels.

     Symphoricarpos tetonensis A. Nels.
     Symphoricarpos utahensis Rydb.
     Symphoricarpos vaccinioides Rydb.

Common Name(s): Utah snowberry.

Taxonomic Hierarchy: (ITIS TSN=530607, click for more information and references)

        Kingdom: Plantae
            Subkingdom: Tracheobionta
                Division: Magnoliophyta
                    Class: Magnoliopsida
                        Subclass: Asteridae
                            Order: Dipsacales
                                Family: Caprifoliaceae
                                    Genus: Symphoricarpos
                                        Species: Symphoricarpos oreophilus
                                            Variety: Symphoricarpos oreophilus var. utahensis


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Accession Name Dist., dir.
03202 Acer glabrum  var. diffusum   "Rocky Mountain maple" same section
03218 Achillea millefolium  subsp. lanulosa   "western yarrow" same section
03604 Achnatherum hymenoides      "Indian ricegrass" same section
03603 Achnatherum hymenoides      "Indian ricegrass" same section
03295 Achnatherum hymenoides      "Indian ricegrass" same section
03606 Achnatherum lettermanii      "Letterman's needlegrass" same section
03428 Aconitum columbianum  var. columbianum   "western monkshood" same section
03430 Actaea rubra      "red baneberry" same section
03216 Actaea rubra      "red baneberry" same section
03429 Actaea rubra      "red baneberry" same section
03447 Amelanchier alnifolia      "Saskatoon serviceberry" same section
03446 Amelanchier alnifolia      "Saskatoon serviceberry" same section
03445 Amelanchier alnifolia      "Saskatoon serviceberry" same section
03448 Amelanchier alnifolia      "Saskatoon serviceberry" same section
06586 Amelanchier utahensis      "Utah serviceberry" 781 ft. W
03425 Androsace septentrionalis      "pygmy-flowered rockjasmine" same section
03208 Angelica pinnata      "small-leaf angelica" same section
03221 Antennaria marginata      "white-margin pussytoes" same section
06569 Aquilegia formosa      "western columbine" 781 ft. W
03636 Arceuthobium douglasii      "Douglas-fir dwarf mistletoe" same section
06587 Arctostaphylos patula      "greenleaf manzanita" 781 ft. W
03229 Artemisia ludoviciana  var. ludoviciana   "Louisiana wormwood" same section
03178 Artemisia ludoviciana  var. ludoviciana   "Louisiana wormwood" same section
03354 Astragalus argophyllus  var. panguicensis   "Panguitch milkvetch" same section
06585 Betula occidentalis      "water birch" 781 ft. W
03289 Betula occidentalis      "water birch" same section
03290 Betula occidentalis      "water birch" same section
03571 Bromus carinatus      "California brome" same section
03570 Bromus ciliatus      "fringed brome" same section
03219 Bromus inermis      "smooth brome" same section
03314 Cardamine cordifolia  var. incana   "heart-leaf bittercress" same section
03313 Cardamine cordifolia  var. incana   "heart-leaf bittercress" same section
03545 Carex microptera      "smallwing sedge" same section
03546 Carex microptera      "smallwing sedge" same section
03547 Carex microptera      "smallwing sedge" same section
03548 Carex microptera      "smallwing sedge" same section
03542 Carex pellita      "woolly sedge" same section
03543 Carex pellita      "woolly sedge" same section
03544 Carex pellita      "woolly sedge" same section
03541 Carex praegracilis      "clustered field sedge" same section
03549 Carex rossii      "Ross' sedge" same section
03575 Catabrosa aquatica      "water whorl grass" same section
03444 Ceanothus fendleri      "Fendler's ceanothus" same section
03450 Cercocarpus intricatus      "little-leaf mountain mahogany" same section
03337 Chenopodium fremontii  var. fremontii   "Fremont's goosefoot" same section
03294 Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus  var. stenophyllus  same section
03243 Cirsium wheeleri      "Wheeler's thistle" same section
03431 Clematis columbiana  var. columbiana   "Rocky Mountain clematis" 79 ft. E
03434 Clematis columbiana  var. columbiana   "Rocky Mountain clematis" same section
03432 Clematis columbiana  var. columbiana   "Rocky Mountain clematis" 79 ft. E
03433 Clematis columbiana  var. columbiana   "Rocky Mountain clematis" 79 ft. E
03345 Cornus sericea      "redosier dogwood" same section
06583 Cornus sericea      "redosier dogwood" 781 ft. W
03344 Cornus sericea      "redosier dogwood" same section
06577 Cystopteris fragilis      "brittle bladder fern" 781 ft. W
06572 Descurainia californica      "Sierra tansy mustard" 781 ft. W
03577 Elymus glaucus  var. glaucus   "blue wildrye" same section
03578 Elymus glaucus  var. glaucus   "blue wildrye" same section
03397 Epilobium angustifolium     same section
03398 Epilobium halleanum      "glandular willowherb" same section
03180 Equisetum arvense      "field horsetail" same section
03185 Equisetum hyemale      "rough horsetail" same section
03248 Erigeron abajoensis      "Abajo fleabane" same section
03246 Erigeron eatonii  var. eatonii   "Eaton's fleabane" same section
03245 Erigeron eatonii  var. eatonii   "Eaton's fleabane" same section
03249 Erigeron flagellaris      "trailing fleabane" same section
03251 Erigeron flagellaris      "trailing fleabane" same section
06578 Erigeron flagellaris      "trailing fleabane" 781 ft. W
03584 Festuca saximontana  var. saximontana   "Rocky Mountain fescue" same section
03451 Fragaria vesca  var. bracteata   "woodland strawberry" same section
03380 Geranium caespitosum      "James' geranium" same section
03381 Geranium richardsonii      "Richardson's geranium" same section
03382 Geranium richardsonii      "Richardson's geranium" same section
03452 Geum macrophyllum  var. perincisum   "large-leaf avens" same section
03453 Geum macrophyllum  var. perincisum   "large-leaf avens" same section
03605 Gutierrezia sarothrae      "common snakeweed" same section
03234 Herrickia glauca      "grey aster" same section
06571 Heuchera parvifolia      "little-leaf alumroot" 781 ft. W
06573 Heuchera rubescens  var. versicolor   "pink alumroot" 781 ft. W
03495 Heuchera rubescens  var. versicolor   "pink alumroot" same section
03607 Hymenoxys helenioides      "Intermountain rubberweed" same section
03264 Hymenoxys richardsonii  var. floribunda   "Colorado rubberweed" same section
03406 Ipomopsis aggregata  var. maculata   "scarlet gilia" same section
03265 Iva axillaris      "povertyweed" same section
03555 Juncus arcticus  subsp. littoralis   "mountain rush" same section
03554 Juncus arcticus  subsp. littoralis   "mountain rush" same section
03293 Juncus ensifolius  var. brunnescens  same section
03556 Juncus ensifolius  var. brunnescens  same section
03188 Juniperus communis      "common juniper" same section
03191 Juniperus scopulorum      "Rocky Mountain juniper" same section
03648 Leymus salinus  subsp. salinus   "Salina wildrye" same section
03211 Ligusticum porteri      "Porter's licorice-root" same section
03210 Ligusticum porteri      "Porter's licorice-root" same section
03306 Lithospermum multiflorum      "many-flowered stoneseed" same section
06582 Lithospermum multiflorum      "many-flowered stoneseed" 781 ft. W
03329 Lonicera involucrata  var. involucrata   "twinberry honeysuckle" same section
03330 Lonicera involucrata  var. involucrata   "twinberry honeysuckle" same section
03280 Lygodesmia spinosa      "thorn skeletonweed" same section
03269 Machaeranthera grindelioides  var. grindelioides   "gumweed tansy aster" same section
06580 Mertensia ciliata      "mountain bluebells" 781 ft. W
03513 Mimulus guttatus      "common monkeyflower" same section
03386 Monardella odoratissima      "mountain monardella" same section
03588 Muhlenbergia thurberi      "Thurber's muhly" same section
03427 Orthilia secunda      "sidebells wintergreen" same section
03213 Osmorhiza depauperata      "bluntseed sweetroot" same section
03642 Oxytropis deflexa  var. sericea   "blue nodding locoweed" same section
03516 Penstemon barbatus  var. barbatus   "bearded beardtongue" same section
06570 Penstemon barbatus  var. barbatus   "bearded beardtongue" 781 ft. W
03517 Penstemon barbatus  var. barbatus   "bearded beardtongue" same section
03515 Penstemon barbatus  var. barbatus   "bearded beardtongue" same section
06584 Phacelia heterophylla      "variable-leaf scorpionweed" 781 ft. W
03536 Phoradendron juniperinum      "juniper mistletoe" same section
03321 Physaria newberryi      "Newberry's twinpod" same section
03592 Poa trivialis      "rough bluegrass" same section
03593 Poa trivialis      "rough bluegrass" same section
03594 Poa trivialis      "rough bluegrass" same section
03480 Populus tremuloides      "quaking aspen" same section
03479 Populus tremuloides      "quaking aspen" same section
03459 Potentilla bicrenata      "round-toothed cinquefoil" same section
13146 Potentilla bicrenata      "round-toothed cinquefoil" same section
03458 Potentilla concinna      "elegant cinquefoil" same section
03461 Potentilla crinita      "bearded cinquefoil" same section
03462 Potentilla fruticosa     same section
03463 Potentilla hippiana      "woolly cinquefoil" same section
03466 Prunus virginiana      "chokecherry" same section
03468 Prunus virginiana      "chokecherry" same section
03467 Prunus virginiana      "chokecherry" same section
03199 Pseudotsuga menziesii      "Douglas-fir" same section
03426 Pyrola chlorantha      "green-flowered wintergreen" same section
03438 Ranunculus cardiophyllus      "heart-leaf buttercup" 79 ft. E
03436 Ranunculus cymbalaria      "alkali buttercup" same section
03439 Ranunculus repens      "creeping buttercup" same section
03440 Ranunculus repens      "creeping buttercup" same section
03635 Ranunculus repens      "creeping buttercup" same section
06574 Ranunculus repens      "creeping buttercup" 781 ft. W
03500 Ribes cereum      "wax currant" same section
03499 Ribes cereum      "wax currant" same section
03501 Ribes inerme      "whitestem gooseberry" same section
03502 Ribes inerme      "whitestem gooseberry" same section
06575 Rosa woodsii      "Woods' rose" 781 ft. W
03422 Rumex patientia      "patience dock" same section
03481 Salix bebbiana      "Bebb willow" same section
03644 Salix brachycarpa      "shortfruit willow" same section
03488 Salix geyeriana      "Geyer's willow" same section
06581 Sambucus caerulea     781 ft. W
03512 Saxifraga odontoloma      "brook saxifrage" same section
03272 Senecio eremophilus  var. kingii   "King's ragwort" same section
03273 Senecio multilobatus      "lobeleaf groundsel" same section
03276 Senecio multilobatus      "lobeleaf groundsel" same section
03275 Senecio multilobatus      "lobeleaf groundsel" same section
06576 Senecio multilobatus      "lobeleaf groundsel" 781 ft. W
03274 Senecio multilobatus      "lobeleaf groundsel" same section
03639 Senecio spartioides  var. spartioides   "broom ragwort" same section
03348 Shepherdia canadensis      "Canada buffaloberry" same section
03387 Sidalcea candida      "white checkerbloom" same section
03336 Stellaria borealis  subsp. borealis   "boreal starwort" same section
03378 Swertia radiata      "elkweed" same section
03377 Swertia radiata      "elkweed" same section
03333 Symphoricarpos oreophilus  var. utahensis   "Utah snowberry" same section
03231 Symphyotrichum ascendens      "western aster" same section
03233 Symphyotrichum foliaceum  var. parryi   "Parry's aster" same section
03232 Symphyotrichum foliaceum  var. parryi   "Parry's aster" same section
03278 Taraxacum officinale      "common dandelion" same section
03281 Tetradymia canescens      "spineless horsebrush" same section
03441 Thalictrum fendleri      "Fendler's meadow-rue" same section
06579 Thalictrum fendleri      "Fendler's meadow-rue" 781 ft. W
03443 Thalictrum fendleri      "Fendler's meadow-rue" same section
03579 Thinopyrum intermedium  subsp. barbulatum   "intermediate wheatgrass" same section
03641 Trifolium repens      "white clover" same section
03530 Urtica dioica  var. occidentalis  same section
03531 Valeriana edulis      "tobacco root" same section
03532 Valeriana edulis      "tobacco root" same section
03296 Veronica americana      "American speedwell" same section
03608 Veronica americana      "American speedwell" same section
03533 Viola adunca      "hook-spur violet" same section
03534 Viola nephrophylla      "northern bog violet" same section
03535 Viola nephrophylla      "northern bog violet" same section


Nearby locations from the USGS Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) database:

Name County Dist., dir. Elevation (ft.) 7.5' Quad Name
Blue Spring Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 0.6 mi. N   Posy Lake 
Blue Spring (Spring) Garfield County, UT 1.2 mi. NW 8153  Posy Lake 
Blue Spruce Campground (Locale) Garfield County, UT 1.5 mi. N 7897  Posy Lake 
Wide Hollow (Valley) Garfield County, UT 1.7 mi. N   Posy Lake 
Hungry Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 1.7 mi. S   Posy Lake 
Cowpuncher Guard Station (Locale) Garfield County, UT 1.9 mi. N 7953  Posy Lake 
Deep Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 2.4 mi. S   Posy Lake 
West Branch Pine Creek (Stream) Garfield County, UT 2.5 mi. N   Big Lake 
Roger Peak (Summit) Garfield County, UT 2.6 mi. NE 10010  Roger Peak 
Posy Spring (Spring) Garfield County, UT 2.4 mi. SW 8439  Posy Lake 
Posy Lake Campground (Locale) Garfield County, UT 2.7 mi. SW 8688  Posy Lake 
Posy Lake (Lake) Garfield County, UT 2.7 mi. W 8682  Posy Lake 
Deep Creek Spring 2 (Spring) Garfield County, UT 2.9 mi. W 9111  Posy Lake 
Hells Backbone (Ridge) Garfield County, UT 3.1 mi. E 8819  Roger Peak 
Hells Backbone Ridge (Ridge) Garfield County, UT 3.1 mi. E 8819  Roger Peak 
John Allen Bottom (Bend) Garfield County, UT 3.2 mi. W 9124  Posy Lake 
Tule Lakes (Lake) Garfield County, UT 3.3 mi. W 9121  Posy Lake 
Beck Electronic Site (Building) Garfield County, UT 3.3 mi. W 9154  Posy Lake 
Deep Creek Spring 1 (Spring) Garfield County, UT 3.3 mi. W 9397  Posy Lake 
Box-Death Hollow Wilderness (Reserve) Garfield County, UT 4.2 mi. S 7028  Posy Lake 


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