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Accession # 04477 
Family - UVUAPG III FamilyCronquist FamilyA Utah Flora
Species Phemeranthus brevifolius (Torr.) Hershkovitz
Common name   pygmy fameflower
K.T. Harper   s.n.  
   with D. Carter, D.M. Barnes, R. Van Buren
Coll. Date 26 July 2000 
United States
San Juan County
Locality [Elk Ridge Road (FR 088), Kigalia Guard Station;
     Elev.: 8428 ft. (2570 m.)
Habitat Notes wet pond margin; aspen-ponderosa pine forest. 
Climate NCDC temperatures, daily high (red), daily average (green) and daily low (blue), from 1970 to 2000 at this location.   NCDC average monthly precipitation from 1970 to 2000 at this location.
Latitude Longitude 37° 40'  37" N, 109° 49'  22" W
Datum Not recorded
Uncertainty Polygon diameter (with coordinate as origin): 1' (1800 m.)


No synonyms recognized in the ITIS database.


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Accession Name Dist., dir.
04478 Castilleja linariifolia      "Wyoming Indian paintbrush" same section
04480 Eremogone congesta  var. congesta  same section
04479 Geum macrophyllum  var. perincisum   "large-leaf avens" same section
04494 Hypericum scouleri      "western St. Johnswort" 1.4 mi. S
04495 Pedicularis procera      "giant lousewort" 1.4 mi. S
04493 Phacelia heterophylla  var. heterophylla   "variable-leaf scorpionweed" 1713 ft. SE
04492 Stephanomeria tenuifolia  var. tenuifolia   "narrow-leaf wirelettuce" 1713 ft. SE


Nearby locations from the USGS Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) database:

Name County Dist., dir. Elevation (ft.) 7.5' Quad Name
Ute Cabin (Locale) San Juan County, UT 451 ft. W 8334  Kigalia Point 
Kigalia Ranger Station (Locale) San Juan County, UT 1227 ft. SW 8370  Kigalia Point 
Arch Canyon Overlook (Locale) San Juan County, UT 0.6 mi. S 8445  Kigalia Point 
South Elk Ridge (Ridge) San Juan County, UT 0.7 mi. NE 8324  Kigalia Point 
Squaw Water Spring (Spring) San Juan County, UT 1.3 mi. S 8330  Kigalia Point 
Hammond Canyon Point of Interest (Locale) San Juan County, UT 1.3 mi. NE 8252  Kigalia Point 
Little Notch (Gap) San Juan County, UT 1.4 mi. NE 8255  Kigalia Point 
Squaw Water Hole (Lake) San Juan County, UT 1.7 mi. S 7681  Kigalia Point 
Kigalia Point (Cliff) San Juan County, UT 2 mi. N 8570  Kigalia Point 
Peavine Trail (Trail) San Juan County, UT 1.8 mi. W 7697  Kigalia Point 
Butts Canyon (Cape) San Juan County, UT 2.6 mi. SE 8088  Kigalia Point 
Keystone Arch (Arch) San Juan County, UT 2.9 mi. SE 6680  Kigalia Point 
Kigalia Canyon (Valley) San Juan County, UT 3.1 mi. N   Kigalia Point 
Butts Point (Ridge) San Juan County, UT 2.9 mi. SE 8012  Kigalia Point 
Wabin Mine (Mine) San Juan County, UT 2.9 mi. W 8727  Kigalia Point 
Babylon Pasture (Flat) San Juan County, UT 3.6 mi. N 8524  Kigalia Point 
Posey Spring (Spring) San Juan County, UT 3.8 mi. S 8209  South Long Point 
Brushy Knoll (Summit) San Juan County, UT 3.4 mi. NW 8262  Kigalia Point 
Twin Springs (Spring) San Juan County, UT 3.1 mi. W 8701  Woodenshoe Buttes 
Cys Monument Mine (Mine) San Juan County, UT 3.3 mi. W 8668  Woodenshoe Buttes 


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