Utah Valley University Herbarium


Accession # 14944 
Family - UVUAPG III FamilyCronquist FamilyA Utah Flora
Species Cymopterus  
Common name   spring parsley
Chris Jensen   20  
Coll. Date June 2008 
United States
San Juan County
Locality La Sal Mountains, slopes on the E side of South Mesa, along the rd on the W rim of Mill Creek Canyon;
     Elev.: 6000 ft. (1829 m.)
Habitat Notes limestone escarpment; mountain brush community. 
Climate NCDC temperatures, daily high (red), daily average (green) and daily low (blue), from 1970 to 2000 at this location.   NCDC average monthly precipitation from 1970 to 2000 at this location.
Latitude Longitude 38° 29'  50.41" N, 109° 18'  49.15" W
Datum WGS84 
Uncertainty Polygon diameter (with coordinate as origin): GPS
Georef. Notes This coordinate was obtained by a GPS unit and an error estimate was not recorded by the user. However due to the accuracy of most units, a polygon diameter between 25 and 250 meters could reasonably be assumed.


No synonyms recognized in the ITIS database.


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Nearby locations from the USGS Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) database:

Name County Dist., dir. Elevation (ft.) 7.5' Quad Name
Horse Creek (Stream) San Juan County, UT 868 ft. S   Mount Peale 
Mill Creek Bridge (Bridge) San Juan County, UT 2070 ft. E 7697  Mount Tukuhnikivatz 
LaSal Mountain Loop Road Auto Tour (Locale) San Juan County, UT 2590 ft. W 7812  Mount Tukuhnikivatz 
Mill Creek Canyon Overlook (Locale) Grand County, UT 0.8 mi. NE 7960  Warner Lake 
Shuman Gulch (Valley) Grand County, UT 1.4 mi. NE   Warner Lake 
Mesa Guard Station (Locale) Grand County, UT 1.5 mi. NW 8006  Warner Lake 
Chess Ridge Mine (Mine) San Juan County, UT 1.7 mi. S 7556  Mount Tukuhnikivatz 
Bald Mesa (Bench) Grand County, UT 2 mi. N 8800  Warner Lake 
Brumley Ridge (Ridge) San Juan County, UT 1.8 mi. SW 7523  Mount Tukuhnikivatz 
Webb Hollow Creek (Stream) Grand County, UT 1.9 mi. N   Warner Lake 
Boren Mesa (Summit) Grand County, UT 1.8 mi. E 9180  Warner Lake 
Dorry Canyon (Valley) San Juan County, UT 2.2 mi. SW   Mount Tukuhnikivatz 
Lake Oowah Dam (Dam) Grand County, UT 2.2 mi. E 8793  Warner Lake 
Lake Oowah (Reservoir) Grand County, UT 2.2 mi. E 8793  Warner Lake 
Oowah Campground (Locale) Grand County, UT 2.3 mi. E 8806  Warner Lake 
Wilcox Flat (Flat) Grand County, UT 2.6 mi. NE 9354  Warner Lake 
Warner Campground (Locale) Grand County, UT 2.5 mi. NE 9387  Warner Lake 
Warner Lake (Reservoir) Grand County, UT 2.5 mi. NE 9377  Warner Lake 
Warner Ranger Station (Locale) Grand County, UT 2.6 mi. NE 9410  Warner Lake 
Castle Valley Overlook (Locale) Grand County, UT 3.2 mi. N 8327  Warner Lake 


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