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Accession # 03169 
Family - UVUAPG III FamilyCronquist FamilyA Utah Flora
Species Ramalina sinensis Jatta
Common name   cartilage lichen
C. Newberry   C-22021  
   with S. Sanderson
Coll. Date 05 September 1989 
United States
Washington County
Locality Zion Nation Park, Kolob Section, SE of Long Point, 6.5 km W of Blue Springs Reservoir; narrow side canyon.
     Elev.: 6360 ft. (1939 m.)
Habitat Notes Navajo Sandstone Formation; Abies concolor, Acer grandidentatum, juniperus scopulorum, Pinus ponderosa, Smilacina racemosa, on Abies concolor twigs. 
Climate NCDC temperatures, daily high (red), daily average (green) and daily low (blue), from 1970 to 2000 at this location.   NCDC average monthly precipitation from 1970 to 2000 at this location.
Latitude Longitude 37° 24'  5" N, 113° 6'  55" W
Datum Not recorded
Uncertainty Not calculated
Specimen Notes common. 


Synonyms recognized by ITIS (bold taxon is currently accepted):

     Ramalina sinensis Jatta

Common Name(s):.

Taxonomic Hierarchy: (ITIS TSN=190888, click for more information and references)

        Kingdom: Fungi
            Division: Ascomycota
                Subdivision: Pezizomycotina
                    Class: Lecanoromycetes
                        Order: Lecanorales
                            Suborder: Lecanorineae
                                Family: Ramalinaceae
                                    Genus: Ramalina
                                        Species: Ramalina sinensis


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Nearby locations from the USGS Geographic Name Information System (GNIS) database:

Name County Dist., dir. Elevation (ft.) 7.5' Quad Name
Long Point (Cape) Washington County, UT 2030 ft. N 7041  Kolob Reservoir 
Langston Mountain (Summit) Washington County, UT 1.3 mi. N 7343  Kolob Reservoir 
Langston Canyon (Valley) Washington County, UT 1.1 mi. SW   Kolob Reservoir 
Bear Trap Canyon (Valley) Washington County, UT 2.1 mi. N   Kolob Reservoir 
Hop Valley (Valley) Washington County, UT 1.9 mi. NW   The Guardian Angels 
Hop Valley Trail (Trail) Washington County, UT 2.1 mi. SW 6569  Kolob Arch 
La Verkin Creek Trail (Trail) Washington County, UT 2.2 mi. N 5555  Kolob Arch 
Beatty Spring (Spring) Washington County, UT 2 mi. NW 5525  Kolob Arch 
Bullpen Mountain (Summit) Washington County, UT 2.4 mi. N 7051  Kolob Reservoir 
Burnt Mountain (Summit) Washington County, UT 2.1 mi. W 7609  Kolob Arch 
Little Creek Peak (Summit) Washington County, UT 2.1 mi. E 8698  Kolob Reservoir 
Kolob Arch Trail (Trail) Washington County, UT 2.3 mi. NW 5611  Kolob Arch 
Willis Creek (Stream) Washington County, UT 2.7 mi. N   Kolob Reservoir 
Herbs Point (Cape) Washington County, UT 2.7 mi. N 7182  Kolob Arch 
Chasm Lake (Lake) Washington County, UT 2.8 mi. NE 6805  Kolob Reservoir 
Death Point (Cape) Washington County, UT 2.9 mi. N 7418  Kolob Arch 
Stapley Point (Cape) Washington County, UT 2.6 mi. SW 5880  Kolob Arch 
Jobs Head (Summit) Washington County, UT 3.1 mi. SE 7169  The Guardian Angels 
Kolob Arch (Arch) Washington County, UT 2.8 mi. NW 5781  Kolob Arch 
Lamareaux Tank (Reservoir) Washington County, UT 3.2 mi. S 6234  Smith Mesa 


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