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Mt. Timpanogos and Utah Factsheet Projects

Mt. Timpanogos Wildflower Factsheet Project


      The primary goal for this pilot project is to create a factsheet webpage for every plant species in the Mt. Timpangos vicinity. Later, the project will be expanded to cover other floristically unique regions of the state. The basic factsheet is constructed to be informative to the general public and not heavily geared to the scientific community. The main factsheet page will include:

• Common and Scientific Names
• Description & Distinguishing Features
• A Discussion of Similar Species
• Habitat
• Mt. Timpanogos & N. American Distribution
• Notes, including the etymology of the scientific and or common names,
    notable ecological characteristics, ethnobotanical information, etc

Utah Plant Factsheet Project


      After the completion of the Mt. Timpanogos pilot project, the factsheet website will be expanded to include all plant species, native and naturalized in the region. The Mt. Timpanogos Factsheets will still remain closely linked to the image database; however, they will become a subset of the total scope of the project. The goal of the Utah Plant Factsheet Project is to bring together all of the known resources for Utah plants and link that information to the factsheet page. The Factsheet Project is not a flora in the traditional sense. It is designed as a data portal (with unique derived data) to the known botanical world for Utah and the Intermountain West.

      The standard Utah Plant Factsheet will include the following information:

•Scientific Synonyms List
      -all names cross linked so all end at same webpage:
      i.e. searches for Chrysothmanus viscidiflorus, Ericameria viscidiflora, and green rabbitbrush
            all default to the same page.
•Type Publication Images
      -links to images of the original type publications
      -links to OSU Herbariumís site for some taxa that are shared between UT and OR.
      -links to images of the type specimens at NY,US,GH, etc.
•Cultivation Information
      -some basic cultivation info dervied from Floras and web sources (Calflora & Jepson Manual)
      -links to institutions/companies with which we will have a partnership that sell the taxa
        local native plant nurseries, the Utah Botanical Center, Red Butte Gardens, etc.
•Block Checklist Distribution
      -links to the block in which the species is known
      -a link to the Plants database map of the US for a general distribution
      -a link to the Utah Vascular Plant Atlas for basic Utah distribution
      -links to images in the Geotagged Digital Image Project and the UVSC Virtual Herbarium
•Herbarium Specimens
      -links to all the known databases that have specimens on this taxon, with UVU at top

      This project is also designed for collaboration with the public and interested members of the scientific community. All factsheet webpages, though not directly editable, will become more comprehensive as individuals submit information or research to be included in the factsheets. This will be especially important for the Cultivated Information Page, since very few native species are actively cultivated in this region. The quality of the data in this section is dependant on community members submitting detailed germination and growth requirements for species that they have attempted to cultivate.

Example Factsheet for Achillea millefolium L.