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Mt. Timpanogos Wildflower Images and Factsheets


      The Mt. Timpanogos Wildflower Image and Factsheet Project is split into two parts. The first, a digital image database, is comprised of geotagged digital photographs of wildflowers, trees, and shrubs from the Mt. Timpanogos vicinity. The second, the Wildflower Factsheets, are webpages discussing the taxonomic, morphologic and ecologic characteristics of each species. The factsheets are a tool for those desiring more background information on the plant species found in the database. Both projects are interlinked; however, the factsheet index is a part of a much larger project. Eventually the goal is to have a factsheet for every native and naturalized plant species in Utah. Though the project's primary goal is to comprehensively treat all the species found in the Mt. Timpanogos area, eventually the digital image project will be expanded to cover other floristically unique regions of the state.