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Photographers Wanted!

Geotagged Digital Image Database

      The Mt. Timpanogos Wildflower Digital Image Database Website will feature photographs contributed by local photographers. This is intended to be a citizen science project, so everyone is invited to participate. All photographs featured on the website will be credited to the contributor and the copyright will be retained by the photographer.

      In order to use your photos on the website, they must be geotagged. This means that they need to have accurate location and elevation information embedded in the digital image file. This is very easy to do all you need is a digital camera and a GPS unit. Computer software then embeds the necessary data into the image files. Geotagged photos will be used to build a sophisticated database of plant distributions on Mt. Timpanogos. This database will be a scientific tool that can provide a detailed analysis of the vegetation on Mt. Timpanogos.

      If you are planning a trip to Mt. Timpanogos and would like to participate, please contact Jim Harris, (801-863-8623, jharris@uvu.edu). He will provide you with geotagging instructions and can sign out a GPS unit to you if you do not have your own.