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In Development

 Portions of the Project in Development

     - Evaluate and make a final decision whether to select the larger area, 44-block format or the smaller area, 82-block format. This decision need not be made immediately since not all NY specimens have been georeferenced. However, it will need to be done before any preliminary checklists can be created for public use.

     - Involve students and volunteers in the block adoption process and lead field trips targeting certain blocks and species that are under-represented.

     - If interest in this project is great enough among Network herbaria, other block projects (southern Idaho, northern Nevada, southern Nevada) could be started following these same protocols. Through the involvement of state heritage programs, government agencies, and native plant societies, each region should be able to gather enough volunteers to start working on blocks in their regions. The UVU Herbarium would like to facilitate the emergence of this project by being involved with those starting a block project.

     - Recruit computer science students to create a custom program that will integrate the UVU Herbarium database, the modified NY specimen database, and the block Shapefile. The program should be designed to create a list of the specimens for a block in a more automated manner than the manual method currently employed. It should be easily modifiable and have the ability to include data from the Intermountain Virtual Herbarium as it comes online. It should also be easily modifiable to include data from the modified NY database for other Intermountain States. Eventually, one could view all the vouchers (or just the certified ones) for each block in the UVSC or NY database and later all records from Utah Virtual Herbaria in that block on Google Earth. (see image below).

Utah Large Format Block 20 Concept Screenshot